Trusts | The Building Blocks of Estate Planning

Estate planners are asked many questions about trusts — mostly surrounding what they are and whether or not people actually need them. In Lefkoff Duncan Partner Stacy Hanley’s latest webinar, The Building Blocks of Estate Planning, she answers these questions and more.   Here are… Read more

Building Blocks of Estate Planning

In one of my recent webinars, I discussed the building blocks of estate planning. It is my goal to help educate women about the importance of being involved in the estate planning process. In this forum, I share many tips for successfully navigating this process… Read more

Prevent Sibling Rivalries with a Smart Estate Plan

When planning their estate, many parents fail to realize that neglecting to provide equal distributions of the estate to each of their children can set them up for an ugly future rivalry. In the worst-case scenarios, these feelings of bitterness from assumed parental favoritism can… Read more

Who Should I Name As My Fiduciary? | Common Estate Planning Mistakes

One of the most important parts of estate planning is thinking about who you can trust to manage your assets should you become incapacitated (temporarily or permanently) or pass away. This person/people or institution is known as the fiduciary.   Fiduciary duties can apply to… Read more