About The Firm

Founding partner, Joseph Lefkoff, started this firm more than 40 years ago based on the following

Provide advice and counsel to individual clients with respect to their business interests, assets, and other wealth, and to executives of companies;

Listen attentively to our clients in order to make sure that we understand the client's wishes and priorities; and

Apply the highest level of creativity and professional expertise to develop and explain the client's available choices for meeting his or her wishes and priorities, so that the client understands the risks and rewards offered by those choices, and then to execute the client's decisions.

Over the years, our focus on the individual client has led the firm to develop substantial expertise in the areas of personal estate planning, tax planning, wealth transfer planning,business continuity planning, tax advantaged executive compensation arrangements,asset protection techniques, estate and trust administration, estate tax disputes, life insurance planning, and estate and trust dispute resolution and litigation. In addition, the firm provides professional advice and representation in the formation and operation of our clients’ businesses and the tax-exempt organizations which our clients create to accomplish their charitable goals. We also assist clients with the management of their business, financial litigation, and design and management of their real estate holdings and transactions.

The needs of many of our clients frequently span several of these practice areas, and our unique ability to coordinate diverse but related issues greatly enhances the client’s ability to achieve his or her goals.

Our attorneys are graduates of many of the nation’s finest schools, have held leadership positions in many of the profession’s most respected organizations, taught the subject matter represented by these practice areas to other professionals, and are frequent speakers and lecturers to professional groups dealing with these fields of expertise.