Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Women | Why Sooner Is Better Than Later

Author: Stacy Hanley   A year after my grandfather died, my grandmother (“GiGi”) – aged 80 – decided to move into the St. George retirement community in Roswell, GA. Fast forward 18 years and GiGi is 98 today (and still a pistol)! Here’s what I… Read more

Estate Planning Case Studies

While every person’s life circumstances are different, there are general estate planning needs that can be determined based on factors such as age, employment, marital status, life goals, etc. To help you understand what documents you might need, I’ve created the following case studies for… Read more

Should I Designate a Corporate Fiduciary?

When selecting fiduciaries to manage a will, trust, estate, etc, there are a few different options for filling these roles. Some people opt to designate individuals they know personally, some name corporations such as bank trust departments or trust companies, and some people select their… Read more

What Is a Last Will and Testament and How Does It Work?

The purpose of estate planning is to create and update the necessary documents to ensure your assets are protected and managed properly should you pass away or become incapacitated.   To do this successfully, it’s important for you to know what these estate planning documents… Read more

How Often Should I Update My Estate Plan?

After people create their estate planning documents (wills, trusts, Powers of Attorney, etc), they often neglect to update them when necessary. Some people are too overwhelmed by the process so they continue to put it off, and some people don’t even realize that these documents… Read more

Trusts | The Building Blocks of Estate Planning

Estate planners are asked many questions about trusts — mostly surrounding what they are and whether or not people actually need them. In Lefkoff Duncan Partner Stacy Hanley’s latest webinar, The Building Blocks of Estate Planning, she answers these questions and more.   Here are… Read more

Building Blocks of Estate Planning

In one of my recent webinars, I discussed the building blocks of estate planning. It is my goal to help educate women about the importance of being involved in the estate planning process. In this forum, I share many tips for successfully navigating this process… Read more

Prevent Sibling Rivalries with a Smart Estate Plan

When planning their estate, many parents fail to realize that neglecting to provide equal distributions of the estate to each of their children can set them up for an ugly future rivalry. In the worst-case scenarios, these feelings of bitterness from assumed parental favoritism can… Read more

Who Should I Name As My Fiduciary? | Common Estate Planning Mistakes

One of the most important parts of estate planning is thinking about who you can trust to manage your assets should you become incapacitated (temporarily or permanently) or pass away. This person/people or institution is known as the fiduciary.   Fiduciary duties can apply to… Read more

Challenges Most Women Face When Planning Their Estate

A majority of women do not have an estate plan. Yet, 95% of women will be their family’s primary financial and decision-maker at some point in their lives. Of the women who do not have an estate plan, almost all of them have experienced a… Read more