3 Estate Planning Myths

When it comes to estate planning, there are a few popular beliefs that prevent many people from taking the plunge and creating the plans they need.   Let’s uncover some of these estate planning myths and talk through why they aren’t true!     Myth:… Read more

Why Should I Create an Estate Plan?

Author | Stacy Hanley   As uncomfortable as it can be to think about what happens towards the end of our lives, it is a necessary conversation to have if we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones.   If you were to pass… Read more

First Meeting with an Estate Planning Attorney | What To Expect

Many times, we see clients come in for their first meeting feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to expect or bring with them. We even see that this intimidation is a reason why many people put off meeting with an attorney, to begin with.  … Read more

What Are My Responsibilities as an Administrator or Executor of an Estate?

Losing a family member or close friend is incredibly difficult to process as it is, but this time can become even more hectic when you have been designated to manage their estate as an Administrator or Executor.    Amid the sorrow and grief, it’s important… Read more

Estate Planning Tips for the Beginning of 2021

After all of the uncertainty and ups and downs of 2020, how can we plan ahead for all of the repercussions and changes 2021 has in store for us?   Here are a few tips for setting your estate plan up for success ahead of… Read more

3 Common Estate Planning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Trying to handle your estate planning on your own can be quite overwhelming. With so many moving parts and documents to keep track of, it’s easy to get lost in the paperwork and worry about whether you’re making the best decisions for you, your family,… Read more

Are Millennial Women More Financially Independent?

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Estate Planning Questions to Ask Over the Holidays

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Estate Planning Updates After the Holidays

The end of the year is an ideal time to re-evaluate your estate planning designations.    Here are a few reasons why…     Addressing Life Changes from 2020 This is the perfect time to reflect on how much your life has changed in the… Read more

2020 Annual Exclusion Gifts | Why You Should Give Before Year-End

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