The 3 Estate Planning Documents Every Woman Needs

Author: Stacy Hanley    Today, millions of women must play more roles in their lives than they ever have before—boss, coworker, employee, daughter, wife, mother, friend, coach, etc. Women keep the family calendar, plan the kids’ chores, help with school activities and oversee schoolwork, make… Read more

College Planning 101

  Author: Stacy Hanley    In 1992, I had to make a decision on where to go to college. My parents wanted me to attend my home state university, The University of Georgia. This made sense logically since it was close by, the tuition was… Read more

Estate Planning for Women | Why Sooner Is Better Than Later

Author: Stacy Hanley   A year after my grandfather died, my grandmother (“GiGi”) – aged 80 – decided to move into the St. George retirement community in Roswell, GA. Fast forward 18 years and GiGi is 98 today (and still a pistol)! Here’s what I… Read more

Estate Planning Case Studies

While every person’s life circumstances are different, there are general estate planning needs that can be determined based on factors such as age, employment, marital status, life goals, etc. To help you understand what documents you might need, I’ve created the following case studies for… Read more